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    • Assessment of cytotoxicity in ten strains of Gambierdiscus australes from Macaronesian Islands by neuro-2a cell-based assays 

      Reverté, Laia; Toldrà, Anna; Andree, Karl B.; Fraga, Santiago; de Falco, Giada; Campàs, Mònica; Diogène, Jorge
      Within the dinoflagellate genus Gambierdiscus several species are well-known producers of ciguatoxins (CTXs) and maitotoxins (MTXs). These compounds are potent marine toxins that accumulate through the food chain, leading ...
    • Bacterial inclusion bodies are industrially exploitable amyloids 

      de Marco, Ario; Ferrer-Miralles, Neus; Garcia-Fruitós, Elena; Mitraki, Anna; Peternel, Spela; Rinas, Ursula; Trujillo-Roldán, Mauricio A; Valdez-Cruz, Norma A; Vázquez, Esther; Villaverde, Antonio
      Understanding the structure, functionalities and biology of functional amyloids is an issue of emerging interest. Inclusion bodies, namely protein clusters formed in recombinant bacteria during protein production processes, ...