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    • The grape remote sensing atmospheric profile and evapotranspiration experiment 

      Kustas, William P.; Anderson, Martha C.; Alfieri, Joseph G.; Knipper, Kyle; Torres-Rua, Alfonso; Parry, Christopher K.; Nieto, Hector; Agam, Nurit; White, William A.; Gao, Feng; McKee, Lynn; Prueger, John H.; Hipps, Lawrence E.; Los, Sebastian; Alsina, Maria Mar; Sanchez, Luis; Sams, Brent; Dokoozlian, Nick; McKee, Mac; Jones, Scott; Yang, Yun; Wilson, Tiffany G.; Lei, Fangni; McElrone, Andrew; Heitman, Josh L.; Howard, Adam M.; Post, Kirk; Melton, Forrest; Hain, Christopher
      Particularly in light of California’s recent multiyear drought, there is a critical need for accurate and timely evapotranspiration (ET) and crop stress information to ensure long-term sustainability of high-value crops. ...