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    • Conserved HA-peptide NG34 formulated in pCMV-CTLA4-Ig reduces viral shedding in pigs after a heterosubtypic influenza virus SwH3N2 challenge 

      Sisteré-Oró, Marta; Vergara-Alert, Júlia; Stratmann, Thomas; López-Serrano, Sergi; Pina-Pedrero, Sonia; Córdoba, Lorena; Pérez-Maillo, Mónica; Pleguezuelos, Patrícia; Vidal, Enric; Veljkovic, Veljko; Segalés, Joaquim; Nielsen, Jens; Fomsgaard, Anders; Darji, Ayub
      Swine influenza viruses (SIVs), the causal agents of swine influenza, are not only important to control due to the economic losses in the swine industry, but also can be pandemic pathogens. Vaccination is one of the most ...
    • Protective effect of a polyvalent influenza DNA vaccine in pigs 

      Karlsson, Ingrid; Borggren, Marie; Rosenstierne, Maiken Worsøe; Trebbien, Ramona; Williams, James A.; Vidal, Enric; Vergara-Alert, Júlia; Solanes Foz, David; Darji, Ayub; Sisteré-Oró, Marta; Segalés, Joaquim; Nielsen, Jens; Fomsgaard, Anders
      Background: Influenza A virus in swine herds represents a major problem for the swine industry and poses a constant threat for the emergence of novel pandemic viruses and the development of more effective influenza vaccines ...