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    • A Rift Valley fever virus Gn ectodomain-based DNA vaccine induces a partial protection not improved by APC targeting 

      Chrun, Tiphany; Lacôte, Sandra; Urien, Céline; Jouneau, Luc; Barc, Céline; Bouguyon, Edwige; Contreras, Vanessa; Ferrier-Rembert, Audrey; Peyrefitte, Christophe N.; Busquets, Nuria; Vidal, Enric; Pujols, Joan; Marianneau, Philippe; Schwartz-Cornil, Isabelle
      Rift Valley fever virus, a phlebovirus endemic in Africa, causes serious diseases in ruminants and humans. Due to the high probability of new outbreaks and spread to other continents where competent vectors are present, ...