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    • Detection of Paralytic Shellfish Toxins in Mussels and Oysters Using the Qualitative Neogen Lateral-Flow Immunoassay: An Interlaboratory Study 

      Dorantes-Aranda, Juan José; Tan, Jessica Y.C.; Hallegraeff, Gustaaf M.; Campbell, Katrina; Ugalde, Sarah C.; Harwood, D. Tim; Bartlett, Jill K.; Campàs, Mònica; Crooks, Steven; Gerssen, Arjen; Harrison, Keith; Huet, Anne-Catherine; Jordan, Timothy B.; Koeberl, Martina; Monaghan, Tim; Murray, Sam; Nimmagadda, Rama; Ooms, Corinne; Quinlan, Rae K.; Shi, Feng; Turner, Andrew D.; Yakes, Betsy Jean; Turnbull, Alison R.
      Paralytic shellfish toxins (PSTs) in bivalve molluscs represent a public health risk and are controlled via compliance with a regulatory limit of 0.8 mg saxitoxin (STX)⋅2HCl equivalents per kilogram of shellfish meat ...