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    • Global-change effects on early-stage decomposition processes in tidal wetlands – implications from a global survey using standardized litter 

      Mueller, Peter; Schile-Beers, Lisa M.; Mozdzer, Thomas J.; Chmura, Gail L.; Dinter, Thomas; Kuzyakov, Yakov; de Groot, Alma V.; Esselink, Peter; Smit, Christian; D'Alpaos, Andrea; Ibáñez, Carles; Lazarus, Magdalena; Neumeier, Urs; Johnson, Beverly J.; Baldwin, Andrew H.; Yarwood, Stephanie A.; Montemayor, Diana I.; Yang, Zaichao; Wu, Jihua; Jensen, Kai; Nolte, Stefanie
      Tidal wetlands, such as tidal marshes and mangroves, are hotspots for carbon sequestration. The preservation of organic matter (OM) is a critical process by which tidal wetlands exert influence over the global carbon cycle ...