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dc.contributor.authorLafarga, Tomás
dc.contributor.authorVillaró, Silvia
dc.contributor.authorBobo, Gloria
dc.contributor.authorAguiló-Aguayo, Ingrid
dc.contributor.otherProducció Vegetalca
dc.identifier.citationLafarga, Tomás, Silvia Villaró, Gloria Bobo, and Ingrid Aguiló-Aguayo. 2019. "Optimisation Of The Ph And Boiling Conditions Needed To Obtain Improved Foaming And Emulsifying Properties Of Chickpea Aquafaba Using A Response Surface Methodology". International Journal Of Gastronomy And Food Science 18: 100177. Elsevier BV. doi:10.1016/
dc.description.abstractChickpea cooking water, also known as aquafaba, generated in our homes is generally discarded as waste. However, this valuable resource contains high quantities of proteins with excellent technofunctional properties. The current paper aimed at optimising the pH and the cooking conditions needed to improve the foaming and emulsifying capacity of aquafaba, as well as the stability of the generated foams and emulsions using a response surface methodology. In general, lowering the pH of the aquafaba using lemon juice and decreasing the chickpea:water ratio during boiling resulted in increased functional properties. The validation tests carried out confirmed the overall adequacy of the response surface models in predicting the functionality of the aquafaba. Moreover, the chickpea cooking water obtained using the optimised conditions was used to develop meringues and mayonnaises, which were compared to those obtained using egg
dc.relation.ispartofInternational Journal of Gastronomy and Food Scienceca
dc.rightsAttribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 Internationalca
dc.titleOptimisation of the pH and boiling conditions needed to obtain improved foaming and emulsifying properties of chickpea aquafaba using a response surface methodologyca
dc.embargo.terms12 mesosca
dc.relation.projectIDMINECO/Programa Estatal de promoción del talento y su empleabilidad en I+D+I/FJCI-2016-29541/ES/ /ca
dc.relation.projectIDMINECO/Programa Estatal de promoción del talento y su empleabilidad en I+D+I/RYC-2016-19949/ES/ /ca

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