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dc.contributor.authorCanales, Francisco J.
dc.contributor.authorRispail, Nicolas
dc.contributor.authorGarcía-Tejera, Omar
dc.contributor.authorArbona, Vicent
dc.contributor.authorPérez-de-Luque, Alejandro
dc.contributor.authorPrats, Elena
dc.contributor.otherProducció Vegetalca
dc.identifier.citationCanales, Francisco J., Nicolas Rispail, Omar García-Tejera, Vicent Arbona, Alejandro Pérez-de-Luque, and Elena Prats. 2021. "Drought Resistance In Oat Involves ABA-Mediated Modulation Of Transpiration And Root Hydraulic Conductivity". Environmental And Experimental Botany 182: 104333. doi:10.1016/
dc.description.abstractDrought is one of the most important constraints to crop productivity worldwide. Control of plant responses to drought is very complex. The mechanisms and their intensity may differ between species and/or genotypes ultimately conditioning tolerance or susceptibility. We explore here the strategy set up by two oat cultivars to cope with drought based on root morphological, anatomical, physiological and molecular studies. A dramatic and rapid abscisic acid increase in the susceptible genotype resulted in a tight and rapid reduction of stomatal conductance. Despite of this, leaf water potential decreased concomitantly due to a decrease in root hydraulic conductivity. By contrast, the resistant genotype, showed a mild and slow increase in abscisic acid that allowed maintaining transpiration longer. This response was linked to an increase in root hydraulic conductance through an increase in total root length and in the length of the thinnest roots as well as a rise in root conductivity. This was also coupled with anatomical changes leading to a reduction of metabolic cost. These changes allowed the resistant genotype to maintain higher water potential reducing drought symptoms and promoting growth under water deficit
dc.relation.ispartofEnvironmental and Experimental Botanyca
dc.titleDrought resistance in oat involves ABA-mediated modulation of transpiration and root hydraulic conductivityca
dc.relation.projectIDMICIU/Programa Estatal de generación del conocimiento y fortalecimiento científico y tecnológico del sistema de I+D+I/PID2019‐104518RB‐I00/ES/Mejora de avena resiliente adaptada a ambientes Mediterráneos/IROatsca
dc.relation.projectIDMINECO-AEI-FEDER/Programa Estatal de I+D+I orientada a los retos de la sociedad/AGL2016-78965-R/ES/Bases de los mecanismos de resistencia a estreses bióticos y abióticos y su interacción para la mejora del cultivo de la avena en el Mediterráneo/ca
dc.contributor.groupÚs Eficient de l'Aigua en Agriculturaca

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