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  • Welfare of laying hens on farm 

    EFSA Panel on Animal Health and Animal Welfare (AHAW); Nielsen, Søren Saxmose; Alvarez, Julio; Bicout, Dominique Joseph; Calistri, Paolo; Canali, Elisabetta; Drewe, Julian Ashley; Garin-Bastuji, Bruno; Gonzales Rojas, Jose Luis; Gortázar Schmidt, Christian; Herskin, Mette; Miranda Chueca, Miguel Ángel; Padalino, Barbara; Pasquali, Paolo; Roberts, Helen Clare; Spoolder, Hans; Stahl, Karl; Velarde, Antonio; Viltrop, Arvo; Winckler, Christoph; Estevez, Inmaculada; Guinebretière, Maryse; Rodenburg, Bas; Schrader, Lars; Tiemann, Inga; Van Niekerk, Thea; Ardizzone, Michele; Ashe, Sean; Hempen, Michaela; Mosbach-Schulz, Olaf; Rojo Gimeno, Cristina; Van der Stede, Yves; Vitali, Marika; Michel, Virginie (EFSA Journal, 2023-02-21) Benestar Animal
    This scientific opinion focuses on the welfare of laying hens, pullets and layer breeders on farm. The most relevant husbandry systems used in Europe are described. For each system, highly relevant ...
  • Discovering Loci for Breeding Prospective and Phenology in Wheat Mediterranean Landraces by Environmental and eigenGWAS 

    Yannam, Venkata Rami Reddy; Rufo, Rubén; Marcotuli, Ilaria; Galadeta, Agata; Lopes, Marta S.; Soriano Soriano, Jose Miguel (International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 2023-01-15) Cultius Extensius Sostenibles
    Knowledge of the genetic basis of traits controlling phenology, differentiation patterns, and environmental adaptation is essential to develop new cultivars under climate change conditions. Landrace ...
  • Mitochondrial aquaporin-8-mediated hydrogen peroxide transport is essential for teleost spermatozoon motility 

    Chauvigné, François; Boj, Mónica; Finn, Roderick Nigel; Cerdà, Joan (Scientific Reports, 2015-01-14) Aqüicultura
    Reactive oxygen species (ROS), particularly hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), cause oxidative cell damage and inhibit sperm function. In most oviparous fishes that spawn in seawater (SW), spermatozoa may be ...
  • Influence of ultrasonic application on the enzymatic formation of zinc protoporphyrin 

    Abril, B.; Contreras, M.; Bou, Ricard; Llauger, M.; García-Pérez, J.V.; Benedito, J. (Journal of Food Engineering, 2023-02-03) Funcionalitat i Seguretat Alimentària
    Ferrochelatase (FeCH), present in pork liver, catalyses the formation of zinc-protoporphyrin (ZnPP), a stable purple-red pigment found in Parma ham. Kinetics of ZnPP formation is especially slow. Thus, ...
  • Mating behaviour and gamete release in gilthead seabream (Sparus aurata, Linnaeus 1758) held in captivity 

    Ibarra-Zatarain, Zohar; Duncan, Neil (Spanish Journal of Agricultural Research, 2015-02-11) Aqüicultura
    The present study aimed to describe the reproductive behaviour of gilthead seabream (Sparus aurata) in captivity. Twenty-four mature gilthead seabream, divided in two tanks, were utilized for the present ...