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dc.contributor.authorColasuonno, Pasqualina
dc.contributor.authorMarcotuli, Ilaria
dc.contributor.authorGadaleta, Agata
dc.contributor.authorSoriano, Jose Miguel
dc.contributor.otherProducció Vegetalca
dc.identifier.citationColasuonno, Pasqualina, Ilaria Marcotuli, Agata Gadaleta, and Jose Miguel Soriano. 2021. "From Genetic Maps To QTL Cloning: An Overview For Durum Wheat". Plants 10 (2): 315. doi:10.3390/
dc.description.abstractDurum wheat is one of the most important cultivated cereal crops, providing nutrients to humans and domestic animals. Durum breeding programs prioritize the improvement of its main agronomic traits; however, the majority of these traits involve complex characteristics with a quantitative inheritance (quantitative trait loci, QTL). This can be solved with the use of genetic maps, new molecular markers, phenotyping data of segregating populations, and increased accessibility to sequences from next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies. This allows for high-density genetic maps to be developed for localizing candidate loci within a few Kb in a complex genome, such as durum wheat. Here, we review the identified QTL, fine mapping, and cloning of QTL or candidate genes involved in the main traits regarding the quality and biotic and abiotic stresses of durum wheat. The current knowledge on the used molecular markers, sequence data, and how they changed the development of genetic maps and the characterization of QTL is summarized. A deeper understanding of the trait architecture useful in accelerating durum wheat breeding programs is
dc.titleFrom Genetic Maps to QTL Cloning: An Overview for Durum Wheatca
dc.relation.projectIDMICIU/Programa Estatal de generación del conocimiento y fortalecimiento científico y tecnológico del sistema I+D+I/PID2019-109089RB-C31/ES/ /ca
dc.contributor.groupCultius Extensius Sosteniblesca

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