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dc.contributor.authorBoukid, Fatma
dc.contributor.otherIndústries Alimentàriesca
dc.identifier.citationBoukid, Fatma. 2020. "Plant-Based Meat Analogues: From Niche To Mainstream". European Food Research And Technology. doi:10.1007/
dc.description.abstractMeat analogues are gradually moving from niche to mainstream products. These products are gaining popularity due to surging consumer demand for plant-based products as “better for you” and “better for the planet” alternatives. In this frame, this review aimed to provide the current and forthcoming challenges for meat analogues industry by addressing their market growth drivers, formulation, the pros and cons of conventional and innovative processing, safety and healthiness as well as consumers’ perception and acceptance. Despite the significant improvements made in the flavor and texture of plant-based meat analogues, food industries still have difficulties in delivering the right sensory experience and there is increased request for sustainable, nutritious and clean label ingredients. For shaping the future of plant-based meat analogues, the main driver is sustainable nutrition through prompting further improvements in formulation [by enhancing proteins functionally (pre/post-processing) and healthiness (blending plant proteins with tailored nutritional makeup and reducing salt contents)] and processing [by finding solutions to their “processed” and “ultra-processed” nature]. In the future, meat analogue companies will keep pushing the boundaries to mimic meat experience (by improving taste and healthiness) as well as reduce product price and increase product
dc.relation.ispartofEuropean Food Research and Technologyca
dc.rightsAttribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 Internationalca
dc.titlePlant-based meat analogues: From niche to mainstreamca
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dc.contributor.groupSeguretat Alimentàriaca

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